Codependent was created with a vision. This vision centered around creating a space that would bring people together through cocktails, coffee, and conversation at all hours of the day. Due to the state of the world at the time that Codependent opened its doors, that original vision had to be put on hold.

Now that Codependent has regained its identity as an elevated craft cocktail bar that also serves craft coffee, we will be progressively reducing the amount of space and time available for laptop use in the space. Codependent is designed to foster conversation with a drink in hand, rather than being a co-working space for hours on end.

Our initial changes will begin with reducing our laptop closure time down to 4pm starting Monday, June 20th. One week after that, on June 27th, we will be reducing the amount of tables available for laptop usage. Signs will be posted on each table indicating their availability. There will be one more reduction in tables two weeks later, starting July 11th. Table availability will be on a first-come basis. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to make a reservation via OpenTable to reserve your space.

We are beyond grateful and honored for the loyal patronage of our guests. As Codependent embarks on this next chapter of becoming one of the most elevated bars in Austin, we look forward to hosting you and your guests with a wide array of elevated drink options to fit any palate. Cheers!